Goal Review

Term 1 2017 Goal Review and Next Steps
Parent Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
Improve handwriting and punctuation

Practise, am I in the best place to learn, do I have the right resources, take a break, know your learning goal, follow the standards for your learning, use your time wisely stay focused.
Read my writing out aloud to find errors with punctuation eg a pause usually means a comma and a breath usually means a full stop.

Student Goal(s)
Strategies I can use are:
Eg What strategies have you used to improve? Have you made progress? How do you know?
Next Step
Eg My next step is……...
Handwriting and to stay focusedPractise, am I in the best place to learn, do I have the right resources, take a break, know your learning goal, follow the standards for your learning, use your time wisely stay focused

Cultural Week

Cultural Week

2 Weeks ago it was cultural week First some Chinese ladies came in and we learnt how to use chopsticks and we made some Chinese paper ornaments After that we learnt about Israel did you know the deepest place on earth is called the dead sea it is in israel? and lastly we learnt about Russia there is a whole building made out of wood using no nails!!!


WALT: Follow the statistical enquiry cycle and conduct my own statistical investigation. I can make and justify statements about relationships from my investigation.


  1. The most favourite sport is Football.
  2. No one's favourite sport is Cricket.
  3. Not many people like Basketball.

Year 5 Camp

Year 5 Woodend camp

Last week the year 5's went to camp on Tuesday the 15th & Wednesday the 16th to Woodend.
We had activities like wall climbing, go karts, team building, archery & air rifles, orienteering. We had some activities that we had to have a teacher or parent with us like the mini golf & the water slide. Lastly there were the activities that we didn't need a teacher or parent and they were the maypole, trampolines, beach volleyball, sports (e.g. basketball), gaga dodge ball, playground.

Literacy Week, Week 4 Term 4 blog

What? This week was literacy week. We did many things such as golden tickets, dress up day, stop, drop and write, drop everything and read and library activities.

So What? What i enjoyed about literacy week is the activities, the golden tickets, Soraya Nicholas (the author of the starlight stable series), and guess the teacher.


We had athletics on Wednesday the 19th of October.

So what?
I got third in long jump, first in shot put, second in sprints and we didn't finish high jump.

Now what?
We have to wait til next week on Tuesday to do  discus.

Writing blog term 2 week 2

Week 2 -  Writing Goal update

Copy and paste the following into your blog. When you have pasted it in, you need to add your 2 examples and also your 1 - 10 rating.
This week I am reflecting on one of my writing goals

IALT: Improve my writing by learning how to: 

* use a variety of sentence starters

This week I have been focusing on how to write a drop-in clause

Here is an example of a drop-in clause

Mr Forman is our teacher.
He loves his red car.
Mr Forman, who is our teacher, loves his red car.

Mr Forman is the subject of the sentence.
We change ‘He’ to ‘who’
We place commas around the clause we ‘drop-in’

Here are two examples of a drop-in clause that I have created.
[1]Baxter,who is a skillful soccer player,scored a goal
[2]Baxter,the soccer player,is awesome

I rate my understanding level at 9
My confidence level with using these types of sentences independently in my writing is 7

Term 1 Highlights

Term 1 Highlights

I have enjoyed doing swimming in the school pool because sometimes we get free time in the pool although the pool is cold when we use it because it is late at that time.
I have also enjoyed the different types of art like the wave art, the jump art and our own art the own art is where you get to do what you want to do.
I have enjoyed having a student of the day because it is fun and also when you get student of the day you get a fruit burst  after which is cool because in other classes you don't because its only Mr F that does it for a treat (we also get ice blocks if we are good).
When the year sixes were away at their camp the year fives got to make some flags with a poster and the the rest was boring work.
Mr F is a sport captain so we sometimes get to organize it.

I learnt lots of different strokes like....
1. Bulldozer
2. Worm
3. Caterpillar 
4. Kicking against someone that is kicking against you 

What I learned about Harold at the life education van

This is what I learned at the Truck.....

1.) I learned that water is a liquid.
2.) I learned about the foods to keep you alive.
3.) I enjoyed the room changing colour which made my shoes change colour.
4.) I enjoyed watching stuff on the projecter E.G: a video.

My reading goal

This is a book I have just finished reading my book which is part of my reading goal which is to be able to read for longer periods of time and retain meaning.

So what?
I liked this book because it was funny and it always includes lots of crazy things.It always has mystery stuff about captain underpants popping out of no where.

Now what?
My goal is to also to read a variety of genre. This book is a comic book. The next genre is going to be a chapter book.


Multi-cultural week

On multi-cultural week we made some flags and posters.Sam and I did NZ because we both come from NZ we wrote about the population of NZ and facts about it we did marmite and the Auckland sky tower. We played a Korean game and we got henna from danias mum and Wills Grandad came in too.

Comic Book

WALT:use Comic Book to show what we have been doing.

Jack Simpson's Journal

Shrapnel Valley, Gallipoli

17 May 1915

This morning I was relieved that I had saved thirteen

people and survived.  At 5am there was lots of shooting

and we got lots of soldiers to the hospital tent but most

were very badly injured so they died.  We had to get

them back to the beach so they could go to the hospital.

At night we sleep on the ground.  It is not comfortable at

all.  In the night I woke up a lot because it was raining so

I walked down the hill to check on Duffy.  He was all

right but he looked very tired so I gave him some food

so he could get back to sleep.  I went back to where my

stuff was and kept trying  to get back to sleep.

I am sick of the smell of blood and sweaty bodies and of

the taste of bully beef.  I’m tired of being a stretcher

bearer every day.  I hope I survive this war.

Welcome Post

Welcome to my blog for 2015.This year i will be sharing my learning with you.


We are learning to solve addition and subtraction problems in lots of different ways.
We play group box games to help us practice this.


I am learning to : write  instructions for a procedure

I can do this when I can:
-       Include a title.
-       List the materials in order.
-       Write instructions in clear steps.
-       Write instructions in order.
-       Use conjunctions (first, then etc).
-       Write in detail.
-       Use active verbs (e.g cut, squeeze).

 My next step is to:  Write clearly so others can read my writing easily.

I am learning to: Write to persuade.

I can do this when I can:
- Make a statement.
- Give reasons to back up my statement.
- Use punctuation correctly.
- Check my writing.

My next step is to: add more detail.


We are showing the Key Competency 'Managing Self' by being creative and sharing with others.

Integrated Topic Term 3

We are learning to: participate and contribute whilst demonstrating creativity.

Term 3


My next step is to: use this strategy by myself.

I am learning: the meaning of new words.
I can do this when I can: use a dictionary, think about other words and put the word in a sentence.
I practiced first with an easy word.

We are learning to : write a recount.

We can do this when we can: include an introduction, record our idea's in order,
talk about our feelings, use interesting words, check our writing, use punctuation correctly.

My next step is to: add more detail to my writing.

Writing Term 2

We are learning to : write a recount
We can do this when we can: include an introduction, record our idea's in order,
talk about our feelings, use interesting words.
At the bottom of my writing I have drawn symbols to show
something I can do well and my next learning step.
I have highlighted in green something I have done well in my writing.
I have highlighted in orange something I need to work on in writing.
If you click on the picture it is easier to read.

Maths term 2

We are learning to use directions.
We can do this when we can give and follow directions using the points of a compass - North, South East and West.

Room 2 went outside and did a treasure hunt in pairs. One person hid the treasure. They then had to give their partner instructions to find it. E.g 2 steps north... It was a fun way to practice what we had been learning in class.

Our next learning step is to identify and use other directions such as north-east, south-west etc.


I am learning to: play the recorder
I can do this when I can: play in time, play notes, play a tune.
Teacher comment: You can now play some notes on the recorder. Your next step is to practice the notes you know and make up your own tunes.


We are learning to: talk about the chance of something happening. 
We looked at the story of the Three Little Pigs and the chance of different things being in the story. 
Student response:  Won't be a  rabbit because the story is about pigs.

Sport T2

Student Reflection


Student comment. A good reader says what happened in the correct order.

Writing term 1

We are learning to: write a description

We can do this when we can: include interesting words, write sentences that make sense,  use describing words  and edit our work.

Teacher Comment: You have used some interesting words in your description. Your next step is to join some sentences together.